a Nordic-Austrian duo-project by

Peter Hudler, cello


Andreas Teufel, piano

Cellist Peter Hudler and pianist Andreas Teufel, both based in Vienna/Austria share a deep affection for the Scandinavian countries and their culture. This is why they have put together this programme called „SkandinaWien“ that combines works by Scandinavian and Viennese composers and thereby shows the emotional relationship and artistic connections between these two different worlds.
Franz Schubert’s „Arpeggione Sonate“ and Jean Sibelius’ „Malinconia“ share a deeply melancholic atmosphere. Both works were written on the occasion of the death of a close family member – Schubert’s mother and Sibelius’s daughter Kirsti. Both Schubert’s piece and Edvard Grieg’s Cello Sonata were melodically inspired by simple Folk Tunes. Anyway in both cases the innocent and joyful character these melodies provide can hardly cover the underlying current of morbidity and pain.
Including and working with popular tunes of the time is also a main feature of Johanna Doderer’s piece „Break on Through“ for Cello and Piano. This contemporary Austrian composition was inspired by the famous Rock song of the same name by The Doors.

“en glansfull konsert, som genomgående höll vad den lovade: hög internationell klass.” (Nyköpings Kammarmusikförening)

“a brilliant concert, which consistently held what it promised: high international class.” (Chamber Music Association Nyköping)

The Program

Jean Sibelius
Malinconia for cello and piano op.20

Franz Schubert
Sonata for piano and arpeggione, D 821

Allegro moderato


Edvard Grieg
Sonata for cello and piano, a-minor, op.36

Allegro agitato
Andante molto tranquillo

Johanna Doderer
break on through
for cello and piano, DWV 95


10.2.19 Nyköping, Sweden
31.7.19 MusicaNord – Grieg in Bergen Festival, Norway
23.2.20 Naestved, Denmark

Contact & Booking

Peter Hudler – T +43 650 7702072 –

Photography: Gregor Nesvadba, Otto Reiter (P. Hudler)
Recordings: Grieg in Bergen Festival 2019 / Hofmannsthal-Schlössl Vienna 2017